Gameology.org presents commentary and resources related to videogame studies. We produce commentary and analysis of videogames and related game culture as well as longer essays. We also host a database of images and maintain a bibliography (or gameography?) of the works that we have written about or referenced throughout the site.

Our bloggers and contributors are mostly academics, and many of us situate ourselves somewhere within the Humanities, including fields like Cultural Studies, Media Studies, English, Communication, and Philosophy. Therefore our conversations are more likely to focus more on the analysis of game content, rather than the production and design of games. However all points of view are, of course, welcome.

We started in 2004 as Academic-Gamers.org, running a simple group blog built around Blosxom, a Perl/CGI blogging engine. In 2006, we moved to a new domain and a new content management system, Drupal. The version of Gameology.org that you see before you is still hosted using Drupal, but it represents a massive upgrade in terms of the underlying code. (If you're familiar with Drupal versioning, then you know the significance of migrating from 4.6.8 to 6.13 -- it was hard.)

This new site should be more stable going forward and, more importantly, it should make it easier to add new features as we gain users. Speaking of users (and content), we welcome submissions from anyone with a review or essay they want to get out to an audience. Please check the submissions page for more information. We also want to provide a useful database of opportunities (conferences, seminars, journals, collections) for academic participation. To that end, if you'd like us to publicize your conference/collection/journal/whatever, please submit a CFP announcement!

Finally, as of now (2009), the site is managed and administered by me, Zach Whalen, an Assistant Professor at the University of Mary Washington. Gameology.org is technically a part-time gig for me (or flex-time, I guess), so if you're interested in helping out, please let me know.

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