CFP Archive

Title Discipline Participation Format Submission Deadline
1st Annual Workshop on Integrated Design in Games - 2011 Theme: Horror activities, panels, presentations, workshops 06/15/2011
Close Playing: Literary Methods and Videogame Studies (MLA 2012, Seattle) English presentations 03/15/2011
Where Horror Dwells: Locating Horror across Media Landscapes Essays 03/04/2011
Monstrous Cultures: Embracing and Resisting Change in the 21st Century (Edited Collection) Cultural Studies Essays 03/01/2011
Oxford Game Culture Conference 2011 interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary Papers, presentations, workshops and reports 02/15/2011
Co-op Mode: Interactivity and Narrative English presentations 02/15/2011
The Philosophy of Computer Games Conference 2011 Papers 02/01/2011
Video Games as Films/ TV and Vice Versa Essays 01/31/2011
Call for Papers and Artworks: University of Florida's "Futures of Digital Studies" Conference 12/20/2009
A Zombie Anthology 10/15/2009
CFP Eludamos Perspectives: Next Gen Papers 08/01/2009
Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds 04/30/2008
Games+Learning+Society 4.0 Conference 03/30/2008
The [Player] Conference 03/30/2008
Virtual Sport as New Media: Special Issue of Sociology of Sport Journal 03/07/2008
Co-editors sought for journal 'Electronic Games and Virtual Environments' 02/29/2008
Computer games between text and practice 02/28/2008
The Philosophy of Computer Games Conference 2008 02/14/2008
The Succession of Simulacra: The Legacy of Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007) 02/03/2008
Visionary Landscapes 12/15/2007
Location-Based Mobile Games (edited book) 12/14/2007
Computers and Composition Online, Special Issue on Gaming 12/13/2007
SW/Texas PCA/ACA: Video and Computer Game Studies 11/14/2007
SW/TX PCA/ACA: MMORPGs: Science Fiction and Fantasy Area 11/14/2007
PCA/ACA National Conference, Digital Games Area 11/08/2007
ICFA: Gaming Theory and Culture 10/30/2007
INTETAIN 2008 Workshop on Integrating Technologies for Interactive Stories 10/20/2007
Joystick Soldiers: The military/war video game reader 09/16/2007
Gaming After Dark: Welcome to the World of Horror Video Games 08/31/2007
GAME-ON 2007 08/14/2007
SCMS Panel: Work Hard, Play Hard: Digital Games and Labor 08/11/2007
The Cultural Analysis of God Games and Virtual Worlds 06/29/2007
GAMEON-NA 2007, Sept. 10-12, 2007, University of Florida 05/31/2007
PostGraduate Conference: Digital Games Theory & Design 05/29/2007
MPCA/ACA 2007 Conference, Toys and Games Area 05/14/2007