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It's been too long since I posted anything to gameology. Most of my work online in the last year has been for Play This Thing! and I'm looking into becoming a regular blogger for Alltern8. My hope is that doing a daily blog will help keep the juices flowing, allowing me to post more often here as well.

In case you're curious, here are links to my reviews for Play This Thing!
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You're not the only one

You're not the only one who hasn't been posting much lately, but that's OK! I'm glad to hear you're blogging at PTT. They're a regular feature in my RSS so I'm surprised I missed your name before.

Anyway, keep the juices flowing indeed!

"It also reminds me of how

"It also reminds me of how gaming can become a kind of a passive absorption into the spectacle and rhythm of play. Games are not defined by freedom, but by constraint, by rules. In dividing planning and execution so sharply, and placing so much emphasis on passive watching (spectatorship) GSB draws our attention to where our interaction actually takes place, thwarting passive absorption"

I really think this is true. Games thrive on structure I think. I often find that the more open ended games are not as fun, at least for me. I like them to be open ended to a point. If they are going to be 100% open ended I feel that it should be within the MMORPG type setting where you have others to play with.

Thanks... both Ralph and Dana.

Ralph, IMHO, games are basically structures - sets of rules. I don't mean that games should be completely constrained (the way, for example, that rail shooters are) but that game designers have to work to build meaningful choice into games. "Open world" often just means "unbalanced play and insufficient consequences."

Dana, have you checked out Gameology's main page? There are two blog posts by me there with links to reviews and further thoughts (on sex and romance in games).

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