Hey, something seems different around here ...

Hello. Welcome to Gameology 2.0 (beta).

The site you see before you represents a major upgrade to Gameology.org. We're still running things with Drupal, but it's a much more advanced Drupal (6.x) than the ancient (4.6) software we were running (unpatched) at the old site. This new site should be much more stable, and much easier to use.

One major difference is that non-users can now become users simply by creating an account. This account will let you post comments (though you can still post comments anonymously) and submit CFPs, Events and Links for moderation.

Beyond that, though, not much is really different. The organization is improved (hopefully), and there are a small number of entirely new features (Twitter integration, for example). But my goal in rolling out this upgrade was to focus on stability and keeping things working. I'm eager to radically re-think the whole gameology.org project, but that can wait -- now that this new site is in place, reorganizing it into something different will be much easier.

Anyway, the site you see before you is still in beta mode, meaning that things will change. Again, the point of upgrading everything and importing all of our custom 4.6-friendly content into contributed modules for 6.x means that shifting, adding, subtracting, are all going to be much easier to implement.

To that end, feel free to use the site as you see fit. Create blog entries, bibliography entries, comments, whatever you have access to. You may find there are some differences in workflow, but I think they're easy to figure out. If not, let me know.

Finally, please let me know if anything doesn't work like you expect it to. There are several things I know about that I haven't had time to tweak yet, and I really haven't done cross-browser testing for the design (if you're using IE, then, you may see some odd layout). Still, if you see a problem anywhere, don't assume I know about it. Let me know either in a comment on this blog entry or in an email.

You can also let me know if there's some feature you think I need to add. With the slick new Drupal 6 framework, we have a ton of flexibility.

At any rate, have fun, and let me know what you think of the new site!

Nice work, Zach! I've been

Nice work, Zach! I've been thinking of upgrading Armchair Arcade for awhile, too. Was the transition difficult?



The main challenge was moving all the krufty data structures and php I had written (poorly) myself (remember, this was back before CCK). So I basically had to recreate things here using Views and CCK, then come up with clever sql queries to export from the old db and import into different tables on the new one.

AA is running at least 4.7, right? That should be a lot smoother. There were some big changes between the 4.6.x line and the 4.7 line, such that 4.6 and 4.7 are more different, say, than 4.7 and 5.1 or 5.x and 6.x.


Hiya Zach - really enjoy the new layout and excited that we're finally getting updated! I was wondering if the branding is going to get integrated again - the cool gameology logos and stuff that you made. Right now it looks a bit like a template.

I also had trouble logging in on the beta site - user name and password works fine on the old site, but it didn't recognize me here.

Those are my only comments so far - thanks for being a great webmaster!


By branding, you mean those

By branding, you mean those little cubey guys? Nah, I don't plan to keep them around. I'd gotten pretty fed up with the old site -- mystery meat navigation, confusing hierarchy of content access, cluttered pages -- so with this one I worked toward keeping things clean and simple. Lots of white space, easy to find things from the primary navigation, etc. I hope it works!

Regarding logins, I think Matt had to reset his password to (right, Matt? I saw it in the logs). I'm not sure why that's happening -- I thought I transferred the user accounts correctly -- but at least the reset works. This is one of the hazards of moving data the way I did: passwords are stored as an encrypted hash in the SQL table, so I don't have direct access to them. I think I just copied the hash, hoping that would work.

So Amanda you should do the "request new password" procedure as well. I can manually reset it as well if that doesn't work or if you no longer have access to your account's email.

Looks great

Nice work, Zach!

Nice work!

Excited to see the site updated, congrats!

Why drupal

Hey your site looks good. But I really want to know why people choose drupal. I am having a blog powered by wordpress. I am find using it.. Is there any major difference with Drupal and Wordpress ( though I havent tried Drupal)

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