It's beginning to look like a lot like MLA

What Gameology folks are going to the MLA Convention this year (Chicago, 27-30 December 2007)? I'm not, but I'm still curious to know if there are any particular Gameology or game studies meet-ups planned or if anyone be sharing news of the convention through Gameology?

I'm wondering how the growth in game studies and related positions is growing and curious as to whether how it's growing within MLA, outside of, and overall. Depending on how busy the folks are who are going to MLA, it'd be great to have a conference report on exciting MLA happenings!

I'm going

Well, I'll be there, at least, and I'd love to get together with anyone else. I don't have my program with me, but I recall seeing some interesting things when I skimmed it. I'm pretty sure Matt Kirschenbaum is doing a panel or workshop of some sort, for example.

Anyone else?

I'm going for the first

I'm going for the first couple days. Kate Hayles organized a panel ("Persuasive Games") with me, Alex Galloway, and Rita Raley. The evening of the 27th.

Let me know if there's some kind of meet-up. MLA is like the circus except the circus is less frightening.

Fun in Chicago

I will be there as well, attending a few panels maybe, but doing interviews for my department. Definitely up for a meet-up with game folks, and as Chicago is my old home, I tend to know some good places.

If I was there

I would be checking out what Noam Chomsky and others are organising in order to stir things up in this conference which has been described as a 'auction block'.

But I'll be in New Zealand chilling out with my family, glad that I rejected the idea of working with computer/videogames from within the field of 'literature' years ago.

But good luck to y'all.

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