Historical Studies of Digital Entertainment Media

From Henry JenkinLowood's blog, the How They Got Game project will be starting up a new journal, Historical Studies of Digital Entertainment Media edited by Matteo Bittanti and Henry Lowood. Historical Studies of Digital Entertainment Media's theme for the first issue will be "Digital Games: Historical and Preservation Studies," and the journal will be openly online, published using the Open Journal System of the Public Knowledge Project. It's always great to see new journals in the field, especially new open access online journals because accessible research can have the most immediate, widest, and greatest impact and use.

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It's actually Henry Lowood's blog, which fits the post because his area of work is History of Science & Technology. As cool as Jenkins is, he can't possibly do everything.


Eeek! Thank you! I haven't found how to do a strikeout to make the correction to the original post, but I'll add that as soon as I find it. It seems that neither strike nor del work.

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