Gameology on Twitter

A few Gameology folks are on Twitter. Thus far, I've found Zach and Matt B., and I'm on it too, but I'll be looking to find others, and hopefully those not on will join. I'd previously abstained from microblogging/twittering because I thought it was too short and quick to be as useful as I wanted, but it's all I have time for lately and that makes it much more useful than the alternative. Plus, it's fun right now and anything fun is especially nice at the end of the semester and with the ever-rising heat of summer. It's more fun with more people so those with the time should join and follow their Gameology friends. (Be a follower, and have others follow you--such great wording for a social app!)

I just started using Twitter

I just started using Twitter actually. I always considered it useless but I am finding it strangely compelling and quite fun. It has carved out a niche in my life for sure.


I just registered on the

I just registered on the site yesterday. Looks like a fun way to keep tabs on folks, but I see it being more fun on a trip or maybe a conference. It's going to get pretty tedious reading "grading another stack of papers" or "leveling my priest" and so on. :)

Yeah, I have heard it is

Yeah, I have heard it is quite fun to track conferences.

Although the track functionality needs to be expanded. You can only get updates through your phone or a select couple IM programs. Why can't I get updates through the site itself? That boggles my mind.


Recently converted Twitterer

I just signed up for Twitter as well, and I'm having fun with it so far. I've also been intending to bring my Gameology account back from the dead, since I've been active in reading but not posting since I talked to Zach at the World Building conference. :)

I think quick and easy is

I think quick and easy is good especially during finals.

twitter in open courseware

I am intrigued by this article, this opens up the possibility of using twitter in open courseware for distance learning pathways.