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Does anyone know of any good articles on videogame design principles? I'm teaching a multimedia authoring course this semester, and the final project asks students to design a prototype of a videogame. Since the whole course isn't about game design, I don't want to bombard my students with a ton of reading on the subject; instead, I'd like to give them one or two articles that'll provide a basic working vocabulary. If anyone has such an article in mind, I'd love to hear about it.

Video Game Design Principals

Hi Chris, there is so mauch out there it is hard to know where to begin as I'm not sure what level your students are at. Might worthwhile giving them some excellent sites to search for themselves. Try the following:


Hope this helps. Let me know how you go at


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game design articles

I did a tutorial that was similarly involved a design element and I thought these articles were good in spurring conversation about design:

Eric Zimmerman "Do Independent Games Exist?"

Andreas Jahn-Sudmann "Innovation NOT Opposition: The Logic of Distinction of Independent Games"

Plus the chapter "Countergaming" from Alex Galloway's book Gaming

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I posted a list with a bunch of other game design related lists once:

Otherwise, a great reference point is Gamasutra:

The Grandfather of Game Design Articles

Hi all,

How about Chris Crawford's The Art of Computer Game design? Here's a link:

It's well organized, accesable to a layperson and is a core resource for anyone interested in how successful computer games work.