Digital Project Pipeline

Many institutions have and are creating digital humanities centers to support the growing needs related to digital humanities research. For local researchers, additional support is always great news. In terms of the larger academic landscape, this is also great news because it means a stronger overall infrastructure for support for research that's interdisciplinary and technically demanding (e.g.; demanding of older computers and machinery, high level computing resources, community critical knowledge mass, etc.). At the institutional level, keeping all of the correct resources aligned for the full research lifecycle (initial planning through ongoing preservation) is challenging and UCLA's Institute for Digital Research and Education (IDRE) presents an interesting model with their recently established their "Digital Project Pipeline".

IDRE's goals with the Digital Project Pipeline are explained:

Historically, UCLA faculty in the IDRE-HASIS focus area have been left to shop their project ideas around to different technology units in order to access the valuable resources available on campus for advancing digital projects. This online information guide and project pipeline reflects a commitment from campus partners, faculty, and IT staff to actively coordinate support for digital projects and establish efficient and equitable ways to advance faculty-generated project ideas. Our goal is to provide a clear path for faculty research and curricular projects that involve digital technologies. The pipeline will function as a conduit for the stewardship of digital projects as they move from incubation and development into maturity, maintenance, and preservation.

Gameology folks, what types of support are available at your institutions? What type of support do you think should be available?