On pages 32-25, Manovich offers Automation as one of the principles of new media. He writes that human intentionality can be removed from the creative process, at least in part(32). He explores how new media allows a wide variety of both low-level automation (algorithms and other simple processes used on images and other elements) and high-level automation (computer-creating of objects it understands).

I see some connections to other questions of new media, obviously. Andre Bazin's Ontology of the Photographic Image argues that the image physically connects with its subject, since parts of it are automatically created by the camera, without the intervention of the author's hand.

I'm curious about the potential of this automatism. Are there ways we can use it toward scholarship? What does it mean that game programmers have to automate all parts of their art? Does the drive to mimetic reality vanish in game-design? What about in sports games or other games that play on the realistic? How about horror games that (maybe? I'm wandering away from my field here) rely on the filmic suture as part of their work?