Art Appreciation & Gaming?

I have a new review up at Play this Thing, of Cryptic Comet's new PBEM TBS Solium Infernum.

In working on this, I became wrapped up in just how contemplative the game is. No animations, no time pressure, just interesting art, design, and flavor text (but almost no plot). I'm working on a paper on the deliberate incorporation of board game elements into original video games, but some of what I came up with isn't what I'd expected to find.


I definitely noticed in

I definitely noticed in playing this game that the demonic nature of every element seems believable in a way that it isn't in most games. When I run around with a sword and slice demons, they simply become high-level goblins, but the demons in Solium Infernum don't have to compromise any part of their demonic nature for the sake of the game.

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